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Week 26 (2013-2014)
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Feb. 28 - Mar. 7, 2014


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Friday, Feb. 28


Pizza Day 

Monday, Mar. 3   
Boys Basketball
vs. Pritzker 
5/6 - 4:30 pm 
7/8 - 5:30 pm

Tuesday, Mar. 4 - 14   

ISAT Testing
Grades 3rd - 8th





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Dear Skinner Parents,
ISAT Testing, for grades 3rd-8th, will begin on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.
Click here to view the schedule for testing for the next two weeks.

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Click here to view Principal Clark's Report that was presented on February 18, 2014 at the Local School Council Meeting. Also, click here to view the State of the School report.


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Gallery 111 is excited to announce this year's 
NO ART LEFT BEHIND silent auction event 
at The Lou Conte Dance Studio at 
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago on May 17th
Do you know someone who owns a restaurant, has a time share, or works for the Bears? Contribute to Gallery 111 by soliciting a donation or donating a service yourself. Please email Ms. Bovit at or fill out the form below. Your contribution will help to make the event a success!

No Art Left Behind Donor Letter
No Art Left Behind Donor Form


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Repeat News and Updates


It's Cookie Dough time!




Click here for the Classic Recipes Brochure   


PTO's most profitable and delicious fundraiser will kick off this Friday, February 14th. Students will be coming home with their cookie dough packets on Friday. Please check your child's backpack.  


This will be PTO's last fundraiser of the school year, which runs from Feb. 14th to Feb. 28th. We are looking forward to full participation from our Skinner Superstars. We will be raising funds to purchase items like promethean boards (for 3 classrooms) and classroom supplies.


Here are the prize incentives for our Cookie Dough Fundraiser:


  • Sell 8 units of cookie dough and spend time in the Game Truck.
  • Sell 12 units of cookie dough and receive a "purple slip".
  • Sell 18 units of cookie dough and receive a scratch card for a chance to win $50.00 in cash.
  • Sell 22 units of cookie dough and receive a $20.00 Target gift card.
  • Sell 45 or more units of cookie dough and receive a $150 Amazon Card

Please ensure orders are turned in by February 28th to guarantee delivery for report card pick up day, April 7, 2014 . Late orders will not be accepted.

Thank you for your support!


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The Skinner Summer Camp registration deadline has been extended! We are going to continue to accept Superstars until our program fills up. Spots are filling up quickly so don't miss out! Get your form and deposit to Mr. Johnson ASAP! Click here for the registration form.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Johnson at

It's going to be an amazing summer - so don't miss out on the fun!


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Calling all Box Tops!

If you have any Box Tops at home, please send them in by Monday, February 24.  Ms. Ranftl will count them up, and submit them for the March 1st deadline.  
Help our school earn up to 2,500 eBoxTops!
Are you signed up for the Box Tops website?  If not, please follow these directions! If 100 new parents or friends of Skinner register, Skinner West will earn $250. 


  1.  Go to the top of the page, click "Join FREE"
  2. Find the green box that says "Sign up to support your school today!" and enter Skinner West.  Click "Select this school".   
  3. Enter your information, then click "Next"  
  4. Create your login, and check the box that says "Yes!  As a Box Tops member, I'd like to receive weekly emails with link to my school's earnings, bonus opportunities, coupons and more.   
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  6. Check your email, and click the link provided in the confirmation email.  
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Thank you for supporting Skinner West!

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Parents, as a reminder, here is our current attendance policy. If you are unsure how to report your child's absence, always refer to our policy, which is also posted on the Skinner West website at

Students who are absent from school must bring a signed note by their parent or doctor explaining the reason for the absence in order to be considered "excused." Without a valid cause, a student will be marked for an "unexcused" absence. If a student has more than 9 unexcused absences and they are in a benchmark grade (3rd, 6th, or 8th), they may not be promoted. A student who attends school for at least 5 hours is marked for a full day of attendance while a student who attends for 2.5 hours is marked for a half-day.


Please note: 

  • A phone call to our main office is strictly optional.
  • You may receive a recorded phone call from CPS indicating that your student is absent.
  • If you know in advance your child will be absent, please work with your teacher to make up missed time.


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All parents must sign in at the security desk in order to enter the school building.  Parents should always enter on the Adams Street side.   Parents should not be moving about the school without a visitor's badge. Let's all work together to help keep our school safe.


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Parking and Drop Off Reminders
Parents- Avoid a Ticket and Keep Our Students Safe!

The snow keeps piling up and roads continue to be slippery.
Please review the drop-off and parking procedures to keep
everyone safe (and ticket-free).

Drop Off and Pick Up

* Please do not block any driveways in the community area, double park or block a crosswalk while dropping off or picking up your child.

* In the morning the Monroe Street side is a "kiss and go (drive up- drop off and drive away)" area. Even if you are dropping off a kindergartener, please do not park in the kiss and go area even temporarily. Other parents need to be able to use this area to drop off their children. Find parking in another area if you are going to exit your car for ANY period of time.

* After school, the Monroe Street side is reserved for the bus lane. There is no parking or area to wait for your child.

* Do not park on the Adams Street side directly in front of the school in the mornings. In the mornings, the Adams side is used for school bus drop-off only.

* In the evening, the Adams street side school parking zone is a "pick up and drive away" area. Do not leave your car for extended periods of time. Other parents need to be able to use this area to pick up their children. Please find legal parking in other areas if you are going to exit your car for extended periods of time.

Parking Lot

* Our parking lot has limited spaces and is for SKINNER STAFF ONLY. Please do not park in the staff lot or block other cars.

* All cars that do not have the proper permits (issued to staff) will be towed.

Lastly, thank you to our parent and teacher volunteers that work hard to keep our children safe as they walk across the busy crosswalks on both the Monroe and Adams Street side. As a community we all must play an active role in keeping those crosswalks safe.



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The heavy snow and frigid temperatures that have shut down schools this winter will result in summer break being pushed back by three days. Here are the changes to CPS' elementary, middle school, and early childhood calendars.

  • March 28th, which was not a school day for elementary and middle school students, will now become a student attendance day to offset the January 6th snow day.
  • June 11th, which was the first day of students' summer break, will become a student attendance day to offset the January 7th snow day.
  • June 12th will become a regular school day to offset the January 27th weather day.
  • June 13th will become a regular school day to offset the January 28th weather day.
  • June 16th will become the first day of elementary and middle school students' summer break.
  • June 23rd will be the first day of summer programs for elementary and middle school students.


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