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February 13 - February 20


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Friday, February 13th

Report Cards and Winter NWEA test results go home

Monday, February 16th

President's Day

Wednesday, February 18th

KDG & 8th Grade
Graduation Picture Day

Communications Meeting

Friday, February 20th 

Pajama Jam
6th-8th Grade

Saturday, February 21st

Skinner West Ski & Splash

Lake Geneva



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Skinner West Attendance Policy 


Parents, as a reminder, here is our current attendance policy. If you are unsure how to report your child's absence, always refer to our policy, which is also posted on the Skinner West website at  


Students who are absent from school must bring a signed note by their parent or doctor explaining the reason for the absence in order to be considered "excused." Without a valid cause, a student will be marked for an "unexcused" absence. If a student has more than 9 unexcused absences and they are in a benchmark grade (3rd, 6th, or 8th), they may not be promoted. A student who attends school for at least 5 hours is marked for a full day of attendance while a student who attends for 2.5 hours is marked for a half-day.


Please note: 

  • A phone call to our main office is strictly optional.
  • You may receive a recorded phone call from CPS indicating that your student is absent.
  • If you know in advance your child will be absent, please work with your teacher to make up missed assignments.


Last Call for Ski & Swim

Get ready to strap those skis on because the ski trip is around the corner!  The event runs February 21st 10am-10pm at the Grand Geneva resort in Lake Geneva.  


It's just a 90 minute drive from Chicago to ski and play for the day for only $54 pp for lift ticket and rental!  If you haven't submitted your permission slip and payment you can submit it to the office by February 13th, the FINAL DAY.  All final payments will be picked up at noon. NO Ski Payments will be accepted at the resort upon arrival. Hope to see many of you there!   



Reminder - Pajama Jam & Teddy Grahams
for Valentine's Day! 


Don't forget!  Pajama Jam takes place on Friday, 2/20 for 6th-8th graders.   The 8th graders will be selling cotton candy for $1.00 to benefit their upcoming trip to Washington, D. C.   


Tomorrow is also the LAST day to purchase your Valentine Teddy Grahams. They will be sold for $1 before and after school.  $1 will get you a Teddy Graham package, a card for a secret message inside, and a delivery to the person who you bought it for.    



See you child's name in lights  

On the Skinner Marquee!
Looking for a unique Way to Say "Happy Birthday" to Your Child?
Surprise your child with an electronic greeting on the Skinner West marquee for only $25. 

In addition, a birthday greeting will be sent to your child via the intercom during morning announcements . All proceeds will help our Skinner 8th graders go to Washington DC.
  • Complete the announcement request form - click here
  • Enclose $25 cash or check to Skinner West with the form
  • Turn the form into Room 320 or 326
  • All forms must be turned in at least one week prior to your requested date.
Your child's birthday announcement will run for 24 hours. 
If your child's birthday falls on a weekend, the announcement will run the Friday before.
So how did our inaugural birthday child respond to seeing his name in lights? "Awesome...I LOVE it!"  


Art Room Spotlight - 8th Grade
Skinner 8th graders recently created very impressive Linoleum Block Prints! The first step in the process is to draw a design and transfer it to the block. Next, students carved into the linoleum surface with a sharp v-shaped tool.  Lastly, the linoleum sheet was inked with a brayer (roller) and impressed onto paper & fabric.
Visit the south stairwell to see these beautiful works of art!  



Skinner Art Show Success


Gallery 111 wants to thank everyone who came out to support our artists and arts programming last Friday at our student art show! It was a huge success because of YOU!

Big thanks also to all our volunteers and Glee!

Art cards and Gallery 111 shirts are always for sale in the art room or by contacting Ms. Bovit at (All artwork can be picked up in the art room).  


 Skinner Basketball Update
5/6 Boys Win to Advance to Final 4
5/6 Girls Suffer Crushing Loss 34-14

Congratulations to the 5/6 Boys team for their Tuesday night win against Edison Park. The team won 25- 10, with their unwavering defense and strong teamwork playing a pivotal role. The team, led by Coach Lomax, moves on to the Final 4, date/ location TBD

Congratulations to the 5/6 Girls team!  The team, lead by Coach Mellows lost in a hard fought game against Bell 34-14.  Despite the loss, the girls played an amazing game!

At press time, the dates and locations of the next game is unknown. Please check the calendar on the Skinner website for up-to-date information at

Come and cheer our Superstars! CONGRATULATIONS Everyone!


4th Grade Sees Dragon Performance  
Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner.  On Wednesday 2/11/15, our 4th grade students from 312 and 316 went to the North Shore Performance  Arts Center for the Chinese New Year Golden Dragon Acrobats Performance.  Students enjoyed the show very much.  They also learned from the performers that if you keep focused and always give your best effort, your hard work will eventually pay off.  Here are some photos from the event.

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Mad Science - President's Day Fun! 
Looking for something for the kids to do next Monday?  Check out this cool offer from Mad Science! How does a camera work? What does a 
lens do? What is a camera obscura? How did the idea of motion pictures start and how did early filmmakers figure out how to make images move? All these questions and more will be answered in this hands-on program wherein campers get to experience many aspects of photography.  Check it out here!

The day includes hands-on fun, take- 
home projects, and snack-tivities
9:00 - 4:00 
Open to K-6 

Before and after care available 


Repeat News and Updates




School Improvement Committee Needs You! 
The next Skinner School Improvement Committee (SIC) meeting is scheduled for March 3rd at 4:30pm.  All parents are invited to attend. The remaining SIC meetings for the school year are as follows:

April 14, 4:30pm 
May 5, 6:00pm
Please go to this link to see updates on our school website relating to the School Improvement Committee.


Thank you FOSW!  


Dear Friends of Skinner West,

The Class of 2015 wants to thank you for your generous gift.  The camcorder you donated will enhance our curriculum in many ways.  We have already started using it. Please enjoy our IMOVIE video to say goodbye to Ms. Banks!  

Goodbye & thank you, Ms. Banks! 


Do you know a moneysmart kid? 


We are excited to announce the 2015 Money Smart Kid Essay contest being held in the Chicagoland area.  In an effort to promote the essay contest (and generous prizes!) we would like for our partners to promote the essay contests within their communities.  The 2015 Money Smart Kid Essay Question is:


ยท         What is the biggest obstacle to saving your money?  What technological and/or banking solutions might help you and your friends begin to save?


Submissions are to be postmarked by March 9, 2015. Click here for more information. 


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